A former Member of Parliament for the Hohoe-South Constituency of the Volta Region, Mr. Kosi Kedem has advocated the crippling of the monopoly in Parliament by governing National Democratic Congress and the opposition New Patriotic Party.

According to the former NDC MP, the dominance of the two political forces in the legislature, is the cause of disproportional representation of vulnerable groups in the country.

Commenting on the suggestion by former president John Agyekum Kufuor for the country to have a second chamber of Parliament, Mr. Kedem stressed that: “What we need is a proportional representation to cater for the minority groups and to cater for the monopoly of NDC and NPP”.

The former president has said a second chamber, made up of equal representation of regions and major identifiable groups, will put a check on the lower chamber of MPs.

This, Mr. Kufour believes will help reduce the winner-takes-all tendencies and the over politicization of national issues.

But Mr. Kedem told Bernard Nasara Saibu, host of the Super Morning Show on Joy FM Thursday, that the call for the creation of a second chamber is not necessarily the panacea to the winner-takes-all tendencies.

“We don’t need a second chamber; what we need is a multifaceted dimension of well informed nationality and well informed citizenry to hold governments accountable…independent judiciary, independent parliament with strong opposition, vibrant well informed media, plus strong civil society organisations,” the experienced politician posited.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evans Aggrey Darko, of the Political Science Department of University of Ghana, Legon, says Mr. J.A Kufuor’s proposal is “worth considering”.

He said the fact that the NDC and NPP have invariably captured 95% of parliamentary seats, is enough basis for the consideration of a second chamber to give equal representation to the state.