Former Deputy Minister for Transport Joyce Bawa Mogtari said the NDC’s 2020 manifesto introduces specific guidelines for public office holders of government to check corruption.

In an interview on Prime Morning, the spokesperson of John Mahama, flagbearer of the NDC said the former President is committed to strengthening governance.

She said to achieve that, “You must find ways to deal with corruption.”

On corruption, she said a new administration will codify a set of rules on conflict of interest to prevent its occurrence.

“It is the reason why we are promising in our 2020 manifesto that there will now be specific guidelines for public holders. These guidelines will reflect clearly all of these” she stated in the interview,” she said.

She added that the declaration of assets by public office holders will be a good measure to check corruption, though it is often not done or practised due to reasons such as turning a blind eye.