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New update for Nokia x family users

Microsoft devices has announced, customers using the Nokia X family of affordable smartphones will soon enjoy brand new features of the Nokia X with the introduction of a new software.

The Nokia X, X+ and XL will be boosted with improved features such as the new App Switcher, which makes it easier to jump between using different apps, Outlook and OneNote which come preinstalled, giving faster access to use and access multiple Outlook accounts, including your Outlook Calendar and Contacts.

With OneNote Mobile, Consumers will have instant access to their Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebooks stored on your OneDrive account; you can also create jottings right from your Nokia X and sync up to 500 of your notes.

According to Fred Oriunuebho Communications Manager, West and Central Africa: “The new software helps consumers to see which apps are running by using the new App Switcher feature – much like what's included with the new Nokia X2”.

“You get to the app switcher by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the app switcher icon. Select the app you want to switch to, or tap the X icon to close an app”.

He said the improved Nokia Store makes it easier to search, find and download games or apps onto your Nokia X.

He added, Nokia Store also integrates other third-party app stores, meaning all of your app exploring can be done under one roof, making for a consistent experience.

Mr. Oriunuebho noted that other improvements in the Store include a new Home screen Spotlight widget for app discovery and one-click downloads for faster access to apps.

He said Consumers using the Nokia X family of smartphones will receive a push notification that will be sent when the update is ready and waiting for download. Alternatively, you can manually check by navigating to settings.