An Accra High Court has for the second time, ordered the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association (GRNMA) through a substituted service to halt its ongoing strike action.

This comes on the back of an initial interlocutory injunction secured by the National Labour Commission on Friday to compel the GRNMA to call off its industrial action pending further negotiations.

The nurses who, despite the injunction, had proceeded to effect a nationwide withdrawal of their services explained that they did not receive a copy of the said court order.

Since September 21, the health professionals’ action has seen many facilities nationwide affected drastically.

Patients who visited hospitals across the country after the said period have complained of the lack of nurses to provide them with healthcare with others turned away due to the unavailability of nurses to attend to them.

Some hospitals have even closed down over the ongoing protests leaving the clients to bear the brunt.

In the latest twist, the NLC has backed its previous move with another application in support of motion ex-exparte for an order for substituted service.

The respondents GRNMA, are expected to stop the strike action with immediate effect.

The Association is also “compelled to compulsory arbitration in pursuant to Order 19 of C.I 47 and Section 172, 162 and 163 of Act 651…”

The notice of this order will be posted on the notice board of the High Court Complex, door/gate of the GRNMA office premises, and sent to selected media houses.

But the health workers have reacted to the substituted service with hints of a potential tactic going forward.

Speaking on Newsnite on Joy FM, the Association’s General Secretary David Tenkorang-Twum said it is one thing to order their return to their various facilities but the question as to whether the actual work will be executed is up for debate.

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