The General Secretary for the All People’s Congress (APC), Mr Mordecai Thiombiano has stated that the 7th position on the ballot paper is an indication of the party’s victory in the spiritual realms come December 7.

Speaking on JoyNews, Mr Mordecai Thiombiano said that their position on the ballot paper for the 2020 General Election has been divinely orchestrated by God.

“We are so excited and we thank God every process went on successfully. The All People’s Party by Mr Hassan Ayariga has picked up 7 on the ballot paper.

“I think that picking the number 7 is an indication that we are going to be victorious. The number 7 didn’t come by chance but by the grace of God.

“It is an indication in the prophetical realms of the spirit that we are prosperous and victorious.”

According to the General Secretary of the party, the position held by the party on the ballot paper would not by any chance deter the Ghanaian citizen from voting Mr Hassan Ayariga as the preferred presidential candidate.

“We are not perturbed by the number of people on the ballot paper and God will direct these people who need a change in their lives from the NPP and NDC to vote massively for APC come December 7,” he added.

He added that it is by no chance that the party is at the 7th position on the ballot paper because the election would take place on December 7.