No food for Iviorian refugees

Ivorian refugees being kept at the Apeye refugee camp in the Western Region do not have food to eat.

The over 1,600 refugees have reportedly been refused food by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has now taken up the burden to feed the refugees who have fled the political crisis in their country.

Adom News’ checks with the FAO revealed that the FAO can only step in to help only if the number is above 5,000 but the current figure of a little over 1,600, is way below the point where the FAO can come in to support with feeding.

The Ghana Refugee Board had earlier stated that the refugees were being fed well and had been provided a decent temporary accommodation.

Adom News’ Western Regional Correspondent, Okyeame Amoako Darkwah who visited the Ampeye reported a contradictory situation.

He said some Ivoirians who have registered as refugees have resorted to staying in hotels and paying for their own accommodation since the refugee camp at Ampeye is sited in a low-lying area which could suffer flooding should the rains set in.

The Regional Chairman of the Ghana Refugee Board, Paddy Tetteh said the number of refugees over the last two weeks continue to rise due to the escalation of the crisis in the Ivory coast.

“Since children and women are the most affected in times of war, they have dominated the refugee figure we have recorded so far at the Ampeye camp”, Mr. Tetteh told Adom News.

Political instability in the Ivory Coast is still raging since the disputed elections last year which saw Alhassan Ouatarra as the internationally acclaimed winner but incumbent Laurent Gbagbo has refused to cede power.

Story by Akuamoah Boateng/Adom News/Ghana