Former President of the Ghana Football Association Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe has faulted President Mills for seeking clearance from the FIFA President to set up a Public Interest Committee, to investigate how the GFA spends its funds.

Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe said it was totally wrong for Professor Mills in his capacity as the president of a sovereign state, to have sought permission from a President of an association – FIFA – before he could demand accountability from a body that is financed by his own government.

“I have nothing against the committee being set up, but I often ask myself whether there hasn’t been any auditing of the FA for all these years by government. The point that I am not comfortable with is the fact that a whole President of the Republic of Ghana to go to FIFA. FIFA is an association and Ghana is a state headed by a president.

“How could he have gone to seek clearance from FIFA to handle his own internal affairs? I find it to be a bit worrying. I wouldn’t have advised my President to go to that level. All I would have done perhaps is to let a Minister do that. The President went there to seek clearance; there is no doubt about that. Other than that, what did he go there for?” he asked.

Dr. Tamakloe explains that under the FA’s own regulations, the president of the association is mandated to set up a PIC and that if government was not comfortable with it, it could step in

“I can’t just imagine the Head of State of any European country going to FIFA to ask for such a clearance and that is exactly what President Mills has done. Blatter has no state; he is only a Head of an Association, so why should a whole head of State go and discuss such an issue particularly when it is money that the Government of Ghana has put into the FA? The Government has every right to audit that account,” he said.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter was said to have indicated that demanding accountability from the GFA did not amount to any interference but rather strengthened the government’s resolve to ensure transparency and accountability in the various national teams.