The framers of our much-maligned Constitution were sufficiently smart to demand super majorities for any attempt to amend the Constitution. 

Non-entrenched clauses require a 2/3 majority of MPs. Entrenched clauses require a referendum with a minimum 40% voter turnout and with 75% of them voting “YES.”

Steep hill. 

Since the ‘92 parliamentary election boycott gave the then ruling party the 2/3 majority and then they amended the Constitution to literally bleach out the specific roles of the Veep, Ghanaians have voted to deny every winning party of that supermajority. 

We give you a good enough parliamentary majority to rule as you like so that you can’t blame the opposition for what you are unable to do. But when it comes to our Constitution, you either build broad consensus with the opposition and everyone, or forget it. 

When Ghanaians are ready to amend the Constitution, they will give a winning party that 2/3 majority in Parliament and then signal that they are ready to give the 75% of 40% popular vote required. 

Till then, we are stuck with this document, darts, warts, farts and all. Let’s do the best that we can with it.

When it comes to the MMDCEs, nothing stops a president from advertising the positions for Ghanaians to apply for the jobs. Then we can conduct intensive job interviews and settle on the best people for the jobs. If the Assemblies are truly involved in the interview and selection process, the 2/3 vote needed to confirm shouldn’t be a problem. 

My 2 pesewas.



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