Nassy's Corner: A brush with death is not teeth brushing

Nassy's Corner: A brush with death is not teeth brushing
Source: Ghana | Nassiba Yakubu |
Date: 04-12-2017 Time: 02:12:58:pm
Writer, Nassiba Yakubu

Death has a way of taking a toll on people, not only the loved ones but sometimes people who may not be directly close to the deceased. One writer said that when death strikes, both loved ones and enemies gather to mourn.

That may be true especially in the hypocritical world we find ourselves, where the divide between one's enemies and friends at funerals is blurred.

So it is surprising when people expect enemies of a dead person to be all excited instead of immersing themselves in the mood and joining the crying-spree. Yes, they have to mourn some...yes some.

But the truth is that, crying or mourning when someone dies does not necessarily mean you're doing that because of the dead. What we're oblivious to is that we cry for what we will become in the future (a dead being).

The reality shakes you and suddenly you realise you have wasted more time getting angry at friends, children, parents and partners for a negligible offence.

The truth that has been hidden from us for so many years is that nobody gets anyone angry. Yes, that is the truth. We get angry because we feel like doing so.

If a partner tells you that you are stupid and you know you aren't, why do you take offence? Again, why will you work yourself up if your mobile phone hit the floor and the screen cracks?

Are you the things you possess?

Knowing the truth is about understanding who you are.

Refuse to allow material things to dictate your mood. Your health can deteriorate if you don't guard yourself against toxic statements and things around you.

Death sometimes comes from toxic things around us. Perhaps, you're one of the things.

So don't rejoice when a friend or an enemy dies. You might someday end up there...yes someday.

Turn a brush with death into better teeth brushing

A brush with death is not teeth brushing that you might want to postpone. When it strikes there is no going back and there's no bargaining.

One day, you'll one day be like that one day. the one day OK for you? Yes, one day but I'm afraid you don't have a choice in this matter.

We need one another so endeavour to learn what there is to learn from those around before death snatches them from this place called earth.

There shouldn't be any room for regrets in your life. Love those who love you and love those who hate you. Nothing is more painful than to lose someone you could have loved while alive.

So today, Nassy's Corner will entreat you to turn a brush with death into better teeth brushing.

Is this difficult to do?

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