President Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo is due to address the nation tonight on the progress of government’s battle against covid-19.

Quite naturally, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what he might tell Ghanaians in his seventh address after the first two coronavirus cases were confirmed in the country.

A lot of the uncertainty surrounds the restrictions that have been imposed on citizens in the districts in and around the country’s most important metropolitan areas – Accra and Kumasi.

We have been seeking the opinions of MyJoyonline readers on what they would have done if they found themselves in the the president’s position, having to decide what needs to be done in the continuing battle against Covid-19.

We asked: should the lockdown be extended, tightened, relaxed or even expanded to other parts of the country? If you were the president, what decision would you take on the lockdown and why?

A lot of you are in favour of a lockdown extension while many others would love to see an expanded regime of testing.

Read some of the comments below: