A Ranking member of the Communications Committee of Parliament says there is more to be done to make the legislature more accessible to the people.

Even though he lauded the legislature for liaising with the media over the period, Alhaji ABA Fuseini insists “Parliament must open more to the people.”

On the occasion to mark the World Press Freedom Day marked in Ghana, the Sagnarigu legislator says the need for journalists to have “access to timely and truthful information” cannot be compromised.

He was disappointed Parliament and the Executive have failed to pass the Right to Information Bill which has remained a campaign promise for politicians over the last two decades.

“That Act should have been passed in January 2017,” he said, adding, “there is no excuse why it has to be an issue today.”

He said the Communications Committee of Parliament has recommended bill be dealt with and passed expeditiously as possible.

For a journalist and an Editor of the Daily Graphic Newspaper for over 30-years Alhaji ABA Fuseini could not hold back his commendation for journalists.

“I salute my colleagues for the very positive marks…” he said.

He was even more enthralled by the successes chalked by journalists despite the precarious conditions under which they work in Ghana.

Journalists in Ghana work under very excruciating conditions, yet deliver; he pointed out but charged journalists sharpen their adherence to professional ethics.