The International Institute for ICT Journalism (penplusbytes) turns 10 on the 18th July 2011. Over the past 10 years penplusbytes has worked to achieve its vision of Driving Excellence in ICT Journalism.

A statement by Kwami Ahiabenu II, president of the institute announcing the objectives, urged the public particularly journalists to look out for key anniversary activities and join in the celebration of Excellence in ICT Journalism.

He said; “Working with our partners and network members we hope to accomplish the following mission statement in the years to come:
“To be the leader for developing ICT Journalism by:

a) Empowering & Building the capacity of the media through cutting edge ICT skills
b) Developing a vibrant research capability in ICT Journalism to support the Media and other Stakeholders
c) Building a vibrant community of ICT journalists around the world.
d) Advocating for media rights in the Information society.”