It is a yearly pilgrimage to the Efua Sutherland Park in Accra, every Easter Sunday. Today is no different.

Young and old, mostly young; men and women mostly women, thousands of them confined to the armpits of society, forced to carry loads larger than their necks can handle; forced to do the menial of jobs for a living have found their way to their park of hope.

They had walked several miles from several corners of the capital. Traders, head potters (kayayei) truck pushers, name them. It was their walk of hope, of faith, with no load to carry or a truck to push, but with a promise, an assurance of a hot delicious meal, a chilled drink, confectionaries new clothes and pharmaceuticals to keep them going at least for the day, a week or even the month.

For many years, the Efua Sutherland Park, the venue of the Joy Easter Soup Kitchen has become a symbol of emotional attachment not just for the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in the society but the media with a purpose, the affluent with a heart of gold and a conscience.

For the patrons, it has become a place of love, a playground to share, dance, sing and to bury the pain, the frown of a difficult life, even if for a day.

The Joy FM Easter Soup Kitchen is a religious tradition by the Super Station Joy 99.7 and the entire multimedia group to fete the poor and the needy on a day as special as the Resurrection Sunday.



A station with a solid foundation in Christianity, the Easter Soup Kitchen has always been a great opportunity for the station, its partners, mostly donors to show love to the forgotten idols of the society.

And what a day it is turning out be. At 2:00 pm approximately 3,000 people have been served with their hot meals. Many others still remain in the queue waiting their turn to be served.

The Stars at the Super Station right from the Chief Operating Officer Ken Ansah, Managing News Editor Elvis Kwashie, Programmes Manager Kofi Ansah, host of Drive Time Lexis Bill, Queen of the airwaves, Doreen Andoh, Head of Sports Sammy Yirenkyi, Strong and Sassy host Naa Ashorkor, Daniel Dadzie host of News Desk and sit-in host of the Super Morning Show as well as the marketing and technical heads are there to serve.

With the sounds of music reverberating throughout the venue, the patrons can afford not just a smile but a dance.

Health officials are also on standby. The Easter Soup Kitchen is not only concerned about filling the tummies of the vulnerable but to ensure that the patrons are in good health and for the work they do, good health is like a breath of fresh air. They cannot survive without it. The health officials are ready for health screening for all the patrons and their children.