A Danish national feels his human rights were violated by the decision of domestic airline, Antrak Air, to deny him a seat because he is consigned to a wheelchair.

Describing the experience, which he found demeaning and discriminating, Neils Buster Norsk said officials of the Antrak Air refused to allow him on board their plane this morning because he was bound to a wheelchair.

“While we were queuing up for the checking counter a person came up and asked me if I was going on the plane and I said yes. He asked me if I could walk and I said no I need to be carried on board and so I will be carried on board. He walked away and came back and my colleague who was with me was called and informed that I was not able to carry me [get] on board”, he told Joy News Tuesday morning.

He said it was sad to receive this treatment because he is a regular customer of the airline.

To add insult to injury, the airline treated him as if he was deaf and dumb by choosing to inform his colleague of the airline's decision to deny him boarding.

“I went over there and said they could talk to me”, the Danish national pointed out.

Head of Ground Operations of the airline, Christopher Isaiah admits the incident occured this morning but explained to JOYNEWS, the airlines have no facilities for Mr. Norsk’s condition.

“He is not able to walk the cabin and ascend the stairs. He will need a wheelchair to use the restroom…commute around the compartment and for this category of passengers we are not able to offer all of that because of the constraint we have for the equipment we use”

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