The Strong Woman (TSW) initiative, an online platform and a physical support system, has been created to offer strength and support for women.

The platform will provide support for women going through depression, ill-health stemming from the loss of loved ones and other emotionally draining or abusive situations that may lead women to self-inflicting pain and/or suicide.

Within a space of two years Anna Ewurasi Akyere Jonah (Founder of The Strong Woman Initiative) and her team of young and vibrant folks, who are absolutely passionate about female mental health, have shared in amazing journeys with women who needed genuine emotional support to pull through some very tough times without losing their sanity and dignity. 

This process birthed The Strong Woman initiative, which is designed to make this kind of support available to women across the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days in every week for free. 

The initiative was launched on January 27, and currently has over 35 women in its database has gone through and still undergoing counselling. 

With help from professional counsellors who have over 30 years experience in their respective fields, #TSW is positive that clients will become a stronger version of themselves and survive anything that comes their way.

The vision is to create a platform for women to receive emotional support and direction from counsellors as need be and by doing so, creating a resilient woman having complete mental health stability, emotional stability and financial independence with a great social life. With no emphasis on religion, the initiative is open to every woman.

The initiative’s plans include Periodic programs to create awareness on female mental health in collaboration with Faith Finders (A non-denominational Women's social group) and other Female social activist groups and hosting educative programs for young women. 

Social media contact with the team (Direct WhatsApp chats with the counsellors/Instagram messaging/facebook messaging) to help women who choose to remain anonymous still receive the help they need in time. A constant follow up on the women who reach out to TSW. 

A full commitment to making the resources available to women 24/7 and finally Provision of online materials to help people gain knowledge on how to identify and help women around them who constantly need emotional or physical support.


The team is available to anyone seeking help on 24/7 bases through the social media platforms. 

Those interested can send a WhatsApp to +233548000080 requesting to speak with a counsellor or send an instant message on the Facebook page (The Strong Woman) or Instagram (@thestrongwoman_gh) and you will be directly linked to a counsellor for FREE.