Poem of the week: Spirit of my soul

It was you

Who led my virgin heart to taste

The sweetness of love—

Then, my tongue was so tender and so ignorant:


You caressed

My pains and drew contours of smiles

On my weary face—

Dear, you glowed lumen in your eyes and led me through the umbra path of darkness…


You mothered

The orphan in my soma and breastfed the hungry lips

Of my soul—

You were my angel in the desert of this wilderness…


At last, my heart

Clung to yours and succumbed to the beat

Of your same—

In you, I found a niche in a soul where I laid my cross


O' Spirit of my soul—

The soma of my soul and anchor

Of my spirit;

The strength to my wane and smiles to my frowns…


The bringer

Of my joy and slay to the claws of my woes—

The angel

To my evil and venus in my early dawn…


Spirit of my soul–soul of my spirit…


Yet, when

The withered leaves have fallen off their branches

But my scion still

Sits where our seeds found favour

With Asase Afua,

Spirit of my soul,


Let our

Songs be the pride of their tongues;

Let them tell

Of the potions, the storms, the billow roars and hurricanes we survived…


Let them

Tell them of our survival

Before their arrival…

Yes, let them surely, tell them


Spirit of my soul—

My joy, my mother, my heart…

Spirit of my soul—

The soma of my spirit and anchor of my soul

Spirit of my soul—

My white gold!


Spirit of my soul, basically is a love poem. It addresses the persona's dream lover who apparently appears to break away due to alleged pressures, within and without. With few years, the persona found his lover having taken over his being and cannot imagine life without her presence. To the persona, she is so precious to his existence. Hence, the description "White gold" for her.