Police in Kasoa in the Central Region have launched a search for some land guards who allegedly stormed the Ojobi Police station to assault an officer.

A Community Police Assistant (CPA) whose identity has not been disclosed is said to have been caned by a land guard for supporting a faction in a disputed land case.

The incident, sparked by a disagreement over a parcel of land, also resulted in three people sustaining injuries.

Kasoa Divisional Commander, ACP Dennis Akob, told Joy News the incident happened when the two factions to the disputed land came to the station to report the case.

He said one of the factions was first to go to the Ojobi police station to lodge their complaints about activities of their counterpart. Minutes later, the second faction also went to same station to meet the other group.

Reports indicated the two disagreed with the account of each other and in the process one of the lands who accompanied one of the factions drew out a cane and lashed the CPA.

"We are seriously looking for that person and other suspects in the dispute," ACP Dennis Akob said, adding the police is investigating the matter.