The police have denied claims that a man who was allegedly shot to death at Agbogba on Sunday was not an armed robber.

The family of the deceased insists Emmanuel Amofa,  is not an armed robber and is accusing the police of deceit.

However, the Accra Regional Police PRO, ASP Afia Tenge, said the deceased, was part of an armed robbery gang which was chased by the police.

Narrating what happened, she said the police received a distress call between 2 – 3 am on Sunday after which a patrol team was called in to respond.

She told Joy News’ Komla Adom Friday that in the process they encountered three suspected armed robbers including the deceased who was carrying a locally manufactured gun [pistol].

Accra Regional Police PRO, ASP Afia Tenge

ASP Tengey said in an attempt to search the late 27-year-old, he struggled with the police officers and took to his heels.

According to her, the operational men managed to demobilize him, with Amofa sustaining gunshot wounds and was rushed to the hospital. He passed on before they got to the hospital.

She discounted claims that the deceased died because of the cruelty of the officers carrying him to the hospital.  

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The Accra Regional Police PRO also denied reports that the police brutalised the deceased after the two suspects they accosted jumped the wall into the nearby cemetery.

The other two persons who were later arrested have been granted bail by the police, she disclosed.

“At any point in time we use a firearm, we are subjected to a judicial enquiry of a sort where we need to justify the circumstance which necessitated the shooting,” she explained.

Nana Akua and the deceased

But the Amofa family has disputed the police’s claim that their relation was an armed robber.

According to them, Emmanuel Amofa was only a victim of circumstance when the police stormed a pub in their bid to apprehend some suspects.

“All we are asking for is justice for my brother, we will take the legal side later but before we bury him, we want everyone to know that my brother was nowhere near the word, armed robber,” sister of the deceased, Nana Akua Amofa said.

The police are still investigating the case.