Some police personnel in the Ashanti Region are fuming over the decision of their leadership to have them pay for sewing of their uniforms by civilian tailors and dressmakers.

The aggrieved officers say authorities have distributed the fabric for the uniform to be sewn by tailors of their choice.

They argue this is contrary to normal practice for which they are demanding explanation from the Inspector-General of Police.

Nhyira News sources say the police personnel have been directed effective January this year, to discard the present uniforms for a new navy-blue outfit.

They are to sew them with embroidered name tags on the shirt, but not back and side pockets for the pair of trousers.

The personnel however complain they have to pay high charges by private entity to sew the uniforms when the service tailoring unit is still operational.

One of them who spoke to Nhyira FM described the situation as unfortunate.

Command officials will not speak on record, but say the move is meant to address frequent complaints about over- or under-size uniforms.

Meanwhile, Nhyira News visit to the regional tailoring shop reveals workers are under intense pressure to meet deadline of their colleagues.

Officials declined to speak to Nhyira News, but further checks indicate it takes two working days to complete a set of uniform, and they have to serve over two thousand personnel in the region.


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