We must assert what need and demand it from our leaders - Kinna Likimani

We must assert what need and demand it from our leaders - Kinna Likimani
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com
Date: 18-06-2019 Time: 01:06:56:pm
Kinna Likimani believes Ghana is running a dysfunctional system

Director of Special Programmes, Odekro, (a Parliamentary Monitoring Organisation), Kinna Likimani, is entreating Ghanaians to play their part in promoting good governance by focusing on their needs and engaging in the right conversations.

She says until Ghanaians determine with exacting clarity what their needs are and demand that the political leaders provide for these needs, the country will remain underdeveloped.

Ghana’s governments have been repeatedly berated for poor governance and for failing to solve the country’s problems. Despite persistent complaints by Ghanaians, the delivery of public goods and services have remained poor, with the country’s problems believed to be getting worse.

Kinna believes that this is so because Ghanaians are not reaching out to their leaders with their needs and what they deserve. 

Speaking on Joy FM's Super Morning Show, she said that though leadership is a problem in the country, citizens should move their focus from elections to how political leaders solve their problems.

“We need to take the focus out of elections and put it back on…” she told host of the show, Daniel Dadzie.

She said elections alone are not a guarantee the people’s problems will be solved. 

“We have to re-align what we need….we should interrogate the systems that underpin our lives,” she advised.

Kinna Likimani also said that the dysfunction of the government is as a result of the system of governance and its inability to achieve its purpose. She stated that religion plays a role in creating this dysfunctional system.

“Religion is contributing to the dysfunction. Prayer is not going to solve anything,” she said.