Doctor Linda Vanotoo, Western Regional Director of Health Services, on Thursday attributed the upsurge in diseases to poor and unwholesome eating habits among Ghanaians.

“Usually unhealthy, fatty and junk foods are packaged and made more attractive and many educated Ghanaians unfortunately are patronising them to their own detriment” she added.

Dr. Vanotoo said this at the seventh annual general meeting of the Ghana Medical Assistants Association under the theme: ‘Healthy Lifestyles for Our Future Generation; The Role of the Medical Assistants’.

The meeting brought together 400 practitioners from across the country to discuss and find solutions to some emerging health problems, identify the daily lifestyle behaviours and harmful practices that cause degeneration as well as providing Ghanaians with requisite information and services to enable them make the right lifestyle choices.

Dr. Vanotoo stressed that locally prepared menu made out of green and fresh vegetables, with some amounts of fruits, had the potential of reducing the rate of mortality and morbidity among Ghanaians.

“It is sad that presently, many young people die from hypertension and diabetes whereas some years past the aged died first” she lamented.

Dr. Vanotoo therefore urged the medical assistants to upgrade themselves and enhance their knowledge by adopting modern medical practices to enable them provide quality health care to their clients.

“In other parts of the world, you could see a nurse progressing to become a professor. Please do the same by using the internet and other means to learn and educate yourself on modern diagnosis”, Dr. Vanotoo advised.

Mr. Paul Evans Aidoo, Western Regional Minister, who gave an overview of health facilities in the region, noted that currently, it could boast of 257 health facilities with 68 Doctors and over 1000 nurses.

“The role of medical assistants in providing quality healthcare to the region can not be down played and government had taken measures to reduce the inequality in access to healthcare while promoting healthy lifestyle through regenerative health’ he added.

Chief Bandana Imoro III, President of the association in a speech read on his behalf, said though the group served over 70 per cent of the country’s population, the pressure of curative care has overshadowing the promotional aspects of their service delivery.

He added that the concept of bringing health planning and delivery to the door step of people especially the rural folks had not been given the requisite attention, “We wish to call for a re-look at Sub-district empowerment through adequate staffing, logistic support, funding and training”.

Chief Imoro however lauded the introduction of Regenerative Health and Nutrition agenda propagated by the ministry of Health adding that it would facilitate a paradigm shift towards lifestyle change.

“With the rise in non-communicable diseases plaguing our society, we as a group recognises a lifestyle change as a panacea to remedy a looming national catastrophy”, Chief Imoro added.

Source: GNA


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