President John Mahama has called for a drastic change to how Africa is portrayed in the West. He said current portrayal makes it appears as if nothing good can come from the continent.

The President said it’s about time the steady progress Africa has made over the years was highlighted.

President Mahama said this when he addressed a lecture on Ghana’s Democratic Gains, Economic Change and Regional Influence at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the United Kingdom. President Mahama said all is not lost in Africa.

“It is crucial that we consider not just the attainment of an end goal but the small and steady advances that are being made to reach that goal”, he said.

President Mahama said the progress Ghana is making on the continent is a clear indication that there is hope for Africa.

“The lens through which we see Africa must show a realistic depiction of what is actually happening on the continent and how these events are affecting the lives of ordinary people”, the President said.

Meanwhile, President John Mahama is expected to push further the transparency agenda today at the G8 summit on tax, trade and transparency.

The transparency agenda is being pushed by Ghana to ensure that deals by multinational companies in the extractive industry are well regulated to the advantage of locals.