President Mills and executives of his ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) have committed to synergize more and maintain a very cordial relationship.

Speaking at a meeting with new the NDC leadership, President Mills indicated that as a product and representative of the party in government, there is the need to ensure maximum co-operation.

The meeting discussed mainly how to meet the expectations of Ghanaians and execute the promises made in the party’s manifesto.

The NDC in the lead up to Election 2008 made several promises to Ghanaians including improving standard of living and education as well as reducing crime in society.

In his comments President Mills expressed confidence in the new executives and promised a better working relationship between the presidency and the party.

“I know how important we are to each other. We will do whatever we can as members of the party to give real and actual support to the party and so strengthen the party that the people of Ghana will be satisfied that the promises that we made will then have been fulfilled,” he indicated.

The President said he had confidence in his ministers expressing optimism that with hard work on their part they “can achieve.”

“I have no doubt about the caliber of people who have been elected. You are men and women of experience…of dedication and commitment. And I know that with God’s help with our own hard work, there’s nothing that we cannot achieve,” he added.

Party chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei who introduced the party’s newly elected executives to the President said “We pledge to work harder for the party and for the country.”



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