The Council of District Coordinators of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) in the Greater Accra Region has called for the intervention of President John Mills to bring to an end the agitation for the removal of the region’s Coordinator of the NYEP.

The Council said statements by the Weija Youth of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that most of the President’s appointees were from Teshie, and that they (Weija Youth) would not accept someone who is not from their fold to occupy the position because the party’s Greater Accra Regional Executives had promised them, could disintegrate the Party’s youth front in the region and motivate other agitations leading to chaos and acrimonies.

A statement to the Ghana News Agency on Monday signed by 19 out of the 22 District Coordinators of the NYEP in the region, said “we as District Coordinators are deeply worried and disappointed at these uninspiring developments, especially when it has become obvious that our Regional Executives who are expected to promote peace and unity are behind this”.

The statement said the actions by the regional executives could lead to agitations at the district levels for the removal and replacement of district coordinators, as well as “create some people as special NDC and others as ordinary NDC”.

It said those developments threaten prospects to deliver the better Ghana promised to the youth, adding that the future of the country and the party was dependent on the youth and that any development which threatens the unity and peace of the youth front must concern the leaders, hence, the call for the President’s intervention.

It said the President’s appointee, Nii Ashiemoore, is a “simple young inspirational leader, who is not bossy” adding that since no case of incompetence and misbehaviour has been brought against him, they (District Coordinators) have resolved to stand by him.

It will be recalled that the Weija Youth of the NDC in recent weeks have been agitating for the removal and replacement of the Greater Accra Coordinator of the NYEP, saying that the position was promised them by the Regional NDC executives.

Source: GNA


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