Head of Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Kofi Kapito has asked Ghanaians not to accept the increase in water and electricity by the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC).

“Utility tariffs keep increasing for no good reason, they should stop throwing dust into Ghanaians' eyes because we have had enough of them,” he warned.

PURC has announced new tariffs which will take effect from tomorrow October 1. The cost of electricity has gone up by 6.54 percent while that of water has been increased by 4.54 percent.

The Ghana Water Company will, however, not be able to charge the new rates until certain challenges are fixed.

The PURC says the marginal increases have been necessitated by the shift to crude oil for generation of power occasioned by erratic gas supply from Nigeria.

But speaking on Asempa FM’s socio-political programme Ekosii sen Tuesday, Mr. Kapito said the PURC’s reason is not good enough.

He indicated that the supposed increase in crude oil which the PURC is attributing to the increase, is not the true reflection of the case.

Kofi Kapito charged the PURC to ensure the utility service providers provide quality service than overburdening the poor consumer. 

“Electricity supply in the country is already poor and so they should stop those excuses. They should fix the challenge of electricity rather than increasing tariffs,” he urged.


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