Rawlings draws his multi-edged sword again

Two questions linger in my mind which I wish to begin this peace with.

1.Was it the best idea in the first place for the Organisers of the Freedom Power Lecture to invite Mr. Rawlings as the main speaker?

2.They may have collectively achieved the national aim of the Lecture but have they truly achieved their original purpose for inviting him?

Whoever thought Rawlings’ acceptance to speak at the Freedom Power Lecture was an indication of his affection for his new-found ‘buddies’; The NPP must by now be reorganizing his thoughts .

All the comments and events leading to Mr. Rawlings’ speech visibly portrayed an uncomfortable NDC Government as it was not sure of what to expect from Mr. ‘Boom’ this time around, more so when the lecture was on the topic; ‘Corruption; a threat to Ghana’s democracy and national development’.

I am pretty sure the opposition thought they had it all worked out because they are believed to be associated with the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy (CFA), the organizers of the event but were apparently given far more than they bargained for.

Somewhere in the middle of the Lecture, I was particularly lost and so I believe were a cross-section of Ghanaians as to which platform the Former President was on as in his usual self draw his multi-edged sword and began cutting and sometimes almost butchering people and the systems.

What beats my imagination is how he confidently took a swipe at Former President Kufour and his Government right in his presence without any mercy accusing him of calling he Mr. Rawlings a liar on the Issah Mobilla case.

“If our brother Kufuor had adapted the institutions as we left them, he would be flying so high and to be quite honest, some of the corrupt things that happened under his leadership would never have happened”.

I should see how uncomfortable that must have felt for Mr. Kufour but is this man perfect or to him his government was the best thing that happened to this country.

To me Former President Rawlings to date seem to struggle developing a forgiving and forgetting spirit, if not, he wouldn’t have resurrected some of the issues he had with the Late Professor Mills in his speech.

According to him, the Late Professor Mills in a major press conference after taking office said he wasn’t going to inherit anybody’s enemies. Of course he didn’t have to and this is the mark of a true peacemaker who was ready to clean up other people’s acts. Gone are those days when a rift between two persons from different families affected both generations afterward. I pray this be the last he speaks of Former President Mills so he can rest in peace.

As much as Mr. Rawlings has always been praised for his charismatic nature, I think he needs to tone down a bit and know where to say what and to whom.

This seem to be costing him unknowingly.

Many thanks all the same to the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy (CFA) for such bold initiative and for daring the consequence.