Former President Rawlings says the National Democratic Congress would rescue the country from the economic doldrums imposed by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the country is not beyond redemption but a vote to the ruling NPP would spell doom for the nation.

Addressing a rally at the Ododiodio constituency in Accra on Saturday, Mr. Rawlings told enthusiastic supporters to be vigilant in the December polls since the NPP did not believe in free and fair elections.

According to him, the NDC respected the “sanctity of the right of choice,” conducting free and fair elections in 1992 and 1996, but the story has been different ever since.

He accused the ruling party of shooting itself into power on the crest wave of lies and deceit in the 2000 elections, and manipulated the 2004 elections to impose itself on Ghanaians.

He said Barrack Obama, in spite of his potentials, will never win an election in Ghana under an administration of President Kufuor.

Touting his achievements, the ex-president maintained, 95% of electricity and drinking water was made available nationwide under his administration, and was made affordable to all, but same cannot be said about the NPP.

He chided government of denying majority of Ghanaians the right to education.

“Under the NDC when school fees were not free, people could afford to go to school, but under a free education by the NPP, Ghanaians have been denied the right to education,” he added.

The occasion was also used to introduce all the NDC parliamentary candidates in the Greater Accra Region to the supporters.

They called on supporters to be guided by the election of Barrack Obama in the United States, and vote out the NPP who share party symbol with the Republicans.

“The big elephant has been sacked to the bush and small elephant would follow,” Hon E.T. Mensah told the supporters.

Member of Parliament for Ododiodio Constituency, Samuel Nii Ayi Mankattah, accused the NPP government of unjustifiably taking over Ga lands and pledged the return of those lands should an Atta Mills government return to power.

He cautioned party supporters not to under any circumstances relinquish their voter’s identity cards, since that was a ploy by the NPP to deny them their votes in the December polls.

He promised members of his constituency who are predominantly fishermen, that premix fuel and other fishing products would be made available under an NDC regime.

Kofi Wayo who recently defected to the NDC from the ruling NPP, said the time has come for change.

He accused the government of massive corruption and imposing hardships on workers especially the police.

Braimah Kamoko, alias Bukom Banku, urged the youth in Bukom to vote massively for Atta Mills to become the President and he the Sports Minister.

Story by Nathan Gadugah