Real Estate giants, Regimanuel Gray Limited (RGL) has held a 7km heart-throbbing hiking from Oyibi in the Greater Accra region up the hills to the cool summit of the Aburi Botanical Gardens about 350m above sea level as part of activities marking their 20th anniversary.

The entire RGL body which included management, staff of the main RGL and its subsidiaries – Bessblock Concrete Products Ltd., Desjoyaux Ghana Ltd., CPCP and Regimanuel Gray Estate Management Company (RGEMC) and friends from all walks of life– thronged the quite suburban village of Oyibi as early as 8.00am from where they wormed their path up the hills, down the valleys and eventually ending at the Aburi Gardens, one of the most fascinating places in Ghana.

Decorated in their white polo T-shirts, they looked like a long train of white ants.

Director of Administration of RGL, Mrs. Regina Botchway, explained that “brisk walking is one of the best exercises for people of all ages with many health benefits that include reduction in cholesterol, improvement in cardiovascular fitness, improvement in blood circulation, reduction in heart attack risk and reduction in high blood pressure”.

Regimanuel walk1

At the end of the two-hour walk, participants were ushered into an aerobics session led by Dr. Essel of Mum’s Health Club and his team accompanied by some good music. A health talk followed, after which management and staff settled for some light refreshment. As if that was not enough, a number of outdoor games were organized among the various subsidiaries and departments. Bessblock, Desjoyaux, CPCP and RGEMC slugged it out with the parent company RGL in a volley ball competition which saw RGL proving her supremacy. While some staff were engaged in sack race, others took part in the spoon-and-lime race. It was a real fulfilled day with lots of healthy yummy yummy.

The chairman of the anniversary planning committee Mr. Solomon Adjasoo traced the essence of the exercise and reiterated that “as RGL had demonstrated both horizontal and vertical progression as we went up the mount, the company has braced itself for the task ahead both physically and mentally”.

In a tête-à-tête with the Senior Sales and Marketing Officer, Mr. Bernard Kafui Ahiable emphasized that “the commitment of RGL and its subsidiaries and their focus in addressing the huge housing deficit facing the nation by providing quality homes in quality environments for Ghanaians is being demonstrated on their new 1,200-acre residential complex at Katamanso”.

Regimanuel Gray has for the past 20 years become synonymous with prestigious carefully planned gated estates in Ghana. Not only is Regimanuel Gray Ltd the pioneer in delivering the most-preferred residential addresses in Ghana but have led the private real estate industry with a remarkable share of the market. It has for the past two decades aggressively and progressively redefining the residential face of Accra, Tema, Essipon and even beyond the shores of Ghana.


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