Sanitation and Water Resource Minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has urged ladies to reject a proposal from any man who has no toilet facility in his house.

She said it is not safe for one to rent a house without such a facility as it will be problematic should nature calls at midnight.

‘I have said that the young men, excuse me, if you go after a woman and as the man, you do not have a toilet facility in your house, [she should] reject him because at mid-night should you want to respond to nature’s call, what would you do?” she quizzed.

Briefing the media in Accra, Cecilia Dapaah noted that it is unhealthy for many people to share one toilet as most houses in the country lack such a facility.

She, therefore, advised ladies to “encourage your partner to be to rent a house that has toilet facility, I am not saying he should go and build a house. There is a saying that water gives life, sanitation gives dignity.”

“The reason why we stress on getting a toilet facility is that it is not healthy for about 100 people to share one toilet, and secondly, it is not dignifying.”

Madam Dapaah further pleaded with all who are yet to build to ensure that their apartment included a toilet facility warning that the assemblies have been empowered to act strictly against otherwise.

“For the sake of the women, we pled that if you don’t have a permit to build a house that includes a toilet facility, please don’t start because the assembly will be rigorous these days.”

She also called on the various assemblies to appeal to homeowners or landlords to ensure there are toilet facilities in their houses.

The Sanitation Minister noted that people are well informed of acting right, citing the positive responses from Sekondi Takoradi after serving a 14-day ultimatum for every house to register for a toilet facility during a sensitisation programme.

“Within one week, over 800 households had registered, so it means we knew what is expected of us. If you rent a room without a toilet to someone, you have not helped the person, so we are pleading to all who have been able to build houses to do please add a toilet facility.”

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