The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marketers Association has intensify its calls for government to remove taxes on the petroleum product.

It believes that is the only way consumption of LPG will increase and meet the targeted consumption in the years to come.

Since the price of LPG shot up, many consumers have abandon or reduce its usage.

Speaking to “Joy News Living Standards Series”, Vice President of the association, Gabriel Kumi said it is sad that government has failed to heed to the association advice to remove the taxes to make the fuel cheaper for Ghanaians to purchase.

“This is a product West Africa need. In Ghana, we are not subsidising, but rather putting 18% tax on the product. If you can’t subsidise a product like what your neighbouring countries are doing, why put tax on it”, he lamented.

“So we as an association have identified the problem and have been calling on the government for the past four years to consider removing these taxes on the product. We are not saying by removing the taxes, every Ghanaian will use LPG, but the product is an elastic demand”, Mr. Kumi pointed out.

He further said that “every single pesewa you remove from the product goes a long way to affect its consumption.”

“We believe when the 18% tax when remove will rope in a lot more people to use LPG.”

In the first four months of 2021, total LPG consumed was estimated at 113,194 kilogramme This is compared with 99.427 kilogramme during the same period in 2022.