The management of Sunridge Company Ltd, producers of Safina natural mineral water and Waves sachet water says it attention has been drawn to a recent publication in the media, particularly in The Ghanaian Times newspaper of Tuesday March 29, 2011, where a list of bottled as well as sachet water producers accredited by the Food and Drugs Board was published.

The list sought to inform the general public of companies whose brands are safe to patronize due to recent quality concerns in the industry.

According to the company, its quality brands – Safina natural mineral water and Waves sachet mineral water were inadvertently omitted from the list.

“Given Sunridge Company Ltd’s proven record of alignment to international best practice regarding standards of production, we wish to establish the facts that are our products are indeed very safe for the consuming public and that our products were omitted from the list erroneously,” Mr. Sitsofe Agboh, General Manager of the company said in a statement to the media Tuesday.

“Indeed our regulator the Food and Drugs Board has admitted the oversight in the publication and we acknowledge that there was no malicious intent. Both Safina natural mineral water and Waves sachet water are registered with the Food and Drugs Board, with registration numbers: FDB/WT 09G-0010 and FDB/WT09G-0019 respectively.

“In our production, a rigorous purification process is applied and the resulting purified water is packaged into Safina’s iconic shaped bottles with state of the art technology.”

The statement said Safina natural mineral Water is widely available at restaurants, hotels and major retail channels including grocery and convenience shops, while Sunridge Company Limited has expanded availability of Safina natural mineral Water to the Western, Eastern, Volta, Ashanti and Central regions.
It further urged its loyal consumers to continue to patronize Safina’s iconic shaped bottle at leading on-premise and retail establishments because “Sunridge Company Ltd is a socially responsible corporate citizen of Ghana manufacturing mineral water to the highest international standards.”