Scientists have found cocoa and two other plants which are common in Ghana can cure malaria.

Findings on the cash crop as well as Avocado or pear and Tridax, commonly known as ‘coat buttons’, are published in the Journal of Parasitology Research and Journal of Herbal Medicine.

Research shows various parts of the three plants have, for many years, been used in herbal preparations for medicinal purposes.

Leaves of Tridax, known among Akans as ‘tractor ahoma’ for instance, have effectively been used over years to cure boils.

Coughs, dysentery and high blood pressure can easily be managed with avocado leaves, the research discovered.

Herbalists swear on cocoa leaves and beans to give relief for digestive discomfort and chest pains.

Many literate folks are, however, skeptical about their use due to lack of research-backed information on their efficacy.

Scientists discover cocoa, tridax and avocado as effective cure for malaria

A new study by international researchers, including a Ghanaian, confirms all three plant leaves are very effective for treating malaria.

For each plant material, 100g of powder was boiled in 2 liters of

water in accordance with traditional preparations for 30 minutes.

The scientists boiled 100 grams of each plant material in two litres of water for 30 minutes, same way as herbalists do.

“These plants were selected because high numbers of herbalist employ them in their herbal preparation,” he revealed.

“The study had become important at a time where certain strains of malaria parasite had grown resistant to many drugs,” says lead researcher, Dr. Gustav Komlaga.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology scientist says extracts, in addition to cocoa powder, are highly effective against even chloroquine-resistant parasites.

Dr. Komlaga, however, urges caution in the use of tridax because high doses of it can be toxic.

He suggests standardization and formulation of the three plant extracts into cheaper alternatives to existing malaria drugs.


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