One of the continent’s leading security establishments, Security Warehouse Limited has been recognised as the Outstanding Electronic Security Company In West Africa at the 2018 West Africa Business Excellence Awards.

The award acknowledges the significant innovation in electronic security and Security and safety advocacy that continues to drive strong growth for the company.

The company is one of Africa’s leading authorities in electronic security design, installation and support, utilizing high-quality equipment from a range of leading products and services.

The West Africa Business Excellence Awards recognises excellence and outstanding achievements amongst companies as well as individuals who have contributed to the development of the country.

Security Warehouse wins Outstanding Electronic Security Company in West Africa

“To win two awards within a space of one year is an outstanding testament to the strength of our roadmap, our commitment to innovation and our ability to execute against our well-formulated plan,” Adam Bonaa, CEO of the company said.

Kazz Group, the mother company for Security Warehouse Limited, is a conglomerate of electronic security companies – Global Trackers and Car Alarms Ltd, Solargen Ghana Ltd and Banbo Multimedia.

They provide a wide range of customized state of the art electronic security systems from the award-winning Smart Solar Ghost CCTV, smart solar powered parameter fencing, smart solar powered biometric access control with time and attendance.

Previous awards won by the Security Warehouse Limited include the Best Security Systems Provider 2016 at the Ghana Property Awards, the Car Tracking Company at the Auto Awards 2016-Ghana Auto awards, best in Customer Service, Ghana Customer Service Awards 2018-19 among others.



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