With barely two weeks to go for the finale of this season’s Big Brother All Stars reality show, things are heating up as Sheila, Tatiana and Lerato are sent back to the House to vie for the ultimate prize.

Africa had to choose from Lerato, Sheila, Tatiana, Paloma, Code, Jen and Meryl who they wanted back in the House and Africa settled on Sheila and Tatiana with Lerato getting a last minute surprise entry.

Sheila after spending a full month in the Barn had her mouth wide open in surprise when she heard IK call her name as the first Barnmate to return to the House.

Sheila before heading for the doors hugged and embraced the Barnmates.

Closely following Sheila was Tatiana who after spending two months returns into the House to compete for the ultimate prize

Interestingly, Sheila and Tatiana still have their men in the game. Sheila was urged by Lerato to go get her man, Uti while Tatiana was going for Munya who she kept a picture of by her bedside.

The sadden Meryl knew she has to wait a bit longer to see her man, Mwishio as she asked Tatiana to give Mwisho a kiss for her.

As they were discussing what may happen next, Barnmates received T-Shirts that had barcodes on them. Each had to randomly pick one. They decided to distribute each one by size.

Once the Barnmates had worn their T-Shirts, Housemates had a decision to make that would bring one Housemate back into the House. IK had five stars on stage and each had a barcode that matched those on the T-Shirts worn by the remaining Barnmates.

The Housemates did not have much trouble deciding on Star number four. They did, however, argue on who they may like to see come back to the All Stars House. Munya was repeatedly heard saying “I want Lerato to come back in the House”.

“Shut up, I want my wife back”, Mwisho told him, clearly referring to Meryl.

Lady luck smiled at Lerato when her barcode was called out as a Barnmate to be returned into back in to the House.

She looked shell-shocked with her mouth gaping when she heard her name.

Source: Myjoyonline.com/Ghana