Over hundred people in Kumasi have received training in various trades to enable them to start their businesses.

It is under a three-year youth apprenticeship program introduced in 2003 by Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans.

The project identifies and provides young individuals, Junior High School and Senior High School graduates and sometimes those without basic education with specialised apprenticeship training.

125 out of the initial 150 persons have successfully completed carpentry, masonry, hairdressing, catering and catering.

Associate Marketing Manager, Joseph Impraim told a graduation ceremony for the 2016 batch of trainees the initiative is part of the company’s non-financial services to existing and prospective clients.

“We believe that the individual must be helped to acquire a skill first, when he has that skill, then you can equip the individual with money for the individual to put that skill into use. Otherwise if the skill is there but there is no skill to put money to, the money will not work”. Mr. Impraim has said.

Trainees pass through NVTI course and ensure they write the exams and pass successfully with certificates.

They are provided with tools and other equipment to enable them stand on their own whilst they are provided with seed capital and business advisory services.

“We don’t leave them at that, we visit them regularly, and give them business advisory on how to manage their finances, how to do basic accounting, how to manage their cash-flows and then we grow them gradually”.

Founder and principal of Jackson Educational Complex, Theodosia Jackson who was a guest at the ceremony indicated how critical it is for government to support institutions that offer technical and vocational to the youth.