Sister Derby (credit: Instagram - @sisterdeborah)

Sister Deborah has taken to social media to express displeasure about some messages she received on WhatsApp from a stranger.

In the screenshots, she shared with her followers on Twitter, the stranger who goes by the name Lonlon Tekpa had shared his photos with the singer.

After introducing himself, he stated that he would like to make her his wife and “Ghana’s first lady someday soon.”

He also proceeded to tell Sister Derby he was not financially stable adding that she is the “One” who would help him to get back on his feet.

When the ‘Sweet Ex’ hitmaker had failed to respond and subsequently blocked the stranger, he sent her a text message pleading his case.

“Derby talk to me please. I have been trying to get in touch with you for many years now. AND please unblock me on WhatsApp please I beg.”

The singer told her followers to “kindly advise” the man adding that she does not appreciate people giving out her number without her permission.

“Pls whose relative is this? Kindly advise them. I hate it when people give my number out without my permission,” she wrote.