Small gestures that can improve your marriage

It’s easy to forget about little niceties when you’re stressed out and overwhelmed with everyday life. But if you forget about the small things too often, you could be sending your marriage down the path of no return. Check out these small gestures that can help improve your marriage.

1.Say “please”

Anything without a “please” at the end of it sounds like a demand. One word may not seem like it should make much difference, but you’ll be surprised at how much your significant other will appreciate your asking nicely for something, rather than demanding it.

2.Say “thank you”

Like adding “please” to the end of every request, following up by thanking your spouse is equally as important. It shows your partner you’ve noticed what he’s done for you, and you appreciate his effort. Using those two little words can make a big difference in the ongoing health of your marriage.

3.Ask his opinion

Rather than just telling him what movie you’ve rented or where the two of you are going on Saturday afternoon, make him part of the decision-making process. You don’t have to ask his permission or wait to make small choices until he weighs in — but asking what he’d like to do or where he wants to eat once in a while will help make him feel like part of a team, rather than an island.

4.Show affection

We’re not talking lengthy make-out sessions or full body massages, but rather the small signs of affection that will make him feel loved. Hold his hand in line at the grocery store, give him a hug when he walks in the door, or lean on him when you’re on the couch watching a movie. Small signs of affection will not only make him feel good, but also will benefit you, as well.