inGeniusAfrica a leading TV & Radio Series production house in Ghana, together with The HelpStation by Premium Bank present a groundbreaking Television Series named SOLUTIONS, coming to your screens, starting 13th December 2017.

In Ghana, most Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs) fall within the informal sector, employing up to 80% of the labour force. Out of this, the majority are employed in agribusiness. These SMEs need to be educated and oriented to grow and deepen their businesses.

Among the problems these SMEs face is the limited access to business development services, the lack of business documentation and records, the lack of working capital as well as limited or no access to financial services.

Set in the offices of an imaginary business consultancy, called SOLUTIONS. Each episode of this exciting and educational TV Show will showcase a day in the life of the business consultancy, as it exhibits good business etiquette and practices.

At the same time, we will see how SOLUTIONS interacts with its clients (other SMEs), gaining critical insight into their trials, successes, and how they eventually grow.

Characters in the SOLUTIONS TV Show are a blend of what we would see in our general Ghanaian society. From waakye sellers to university graduates, fruit sellers and new graduates venturing into farming, the SERIES uses TV, especially DRAMA, with its wide reach, to entertain, and mimic diverse scenarios.

Solutions series

For example, the Drama, through the character of Mr Mensah (played by Ekow Smith Asante), educates SMEs on how to prepare a good financial analysis data, worth generating double their profit within a short period of time.

Problems facing SMEs will be discussed with a focus on the best solutions to combat these problems.

The series premieres on TV3 this evening at 9:00 PM.

Watch the trailer here.

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