Plans are far advanced to turn a roadside craft centre at Peki Anyensu in the South Dayi District in the Volta Region into a highway rest stop and cultural craft village.

That will make the village become a tourist centre and also create employment avenues for the youth in the area.

The centre which was built in 1970 currently provides employment for over 500 youths and is increasingly becoming a major tourist hub because of its strategic location on the eastern corridor road. 

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The spokesperson for a group of artisans working there, Micheal Xefu, told Joy News that the craft village has become one major area of providing opportunities for the youth of the district.

According to him, they produced all kinds of drums for dance forms such as Agbadza, Kpanlogo, Kinka and Atsiagbekor. Mr Xefu said the centre also rehabilitates old and multifunctional drums in order to bring them into good shape. 

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He mentioned the lack of available market for their products, lack of raw materials, no proper workshop coupled with expensive tools they have to work with as some of the challenges faced by the people. 

The Member of Parliament for South Dayi District Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor told Joy News that he is in touch with the Tourism Ministry of Tourism to assist the district to realise its tourism goals.  

“I discussed this with the immediate former tourism Minister, Mrs Catherine Afeku, who promised to help but unfortunately she left office following the recent reshuffle and so we hope the new minister does something about it,“ Dafeamekpor said.

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Mr. Dafeamekpor commended the youth for their hard work and urged them to remain steadfast. 

“My vision is to convert the area into tourist attractions [and] stopover along the eastern corridor highway when it is eventually done. The economic multiplier effect would help transform the livelihoods of the people and the surrounding communities.”