The Speaker of Parliament Joyce Bamford Addo on Tuesday was forced to adjourn sitting because the House could not form a quorum.

This was instigated by the Member of Parliament for Takoradi Mr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah who filed a motion to stop proceedings.

Joy News’ Parliamentary correspondent Sammy Darko reports that not more than 60 MPs had showed up for deliberations on the Floor.

At least 77 MPs are needed for fruitful deliberations.

Frantic efforts by the Majority Leader, Cletus Avoka for the Minority to rescind its decision and allow for the day’s agenda to proceed in spite of their legitimate call fell on death ears.

Avoka argued it will be bad press for the House if the Minority’s insistence on quorum led to the adjournment of the day’s proceedings, adding, many of the MPs were outside Parliament conducting other legal and constitutional duties.

The Majority Leader said in the wake of salary demands by the MPs it will be suicidal if the House is adjourned because the MPs did not appear for deliberations.

But the Minority will not budge, saying, for far too long business in the House has been taken for granted and there was the need to put a stop to the lackadaisical attitude by their colleagues.

Bamford-Addo also appealed to the few members to rescind their decision because she had presided over several other proceedings in the past in which the House did not form a quorum, but she had no option but to grant the Minority their wish and constitutional right.

She sent the few home and adjourned proceedings.

Meanwhile, MP John Tia is leading a Parliamentary Committee to meet with the Prof Ewurama Addy, Presidential Commission on emolument to defend their salary rise.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/