The corporate sponsors of Joy FM’s Family Party in the Park have announced that attendees should expect family fun and unlimited availability of products made specially for the event.

The Party, one of three special Joy events, will take place this Saturday, September 22 at the Legon Botanical Gardens, and over 400 families are expected to attend.

Many parents are looking forward to using the event as an oppurtunity to spend time with their children and to eat a lot. They are pleased that it has been scheduled for the weekend, when more working people have free time.

The corporate sponsors, whose products are primarily directed at families, are also working to make the event valuable and memorable.

Dairy firm Cowbell has announced that it will bring toys for children and games for families as well as prizes for families who participate in the day’s events.

Insurance company, ELAC will also be sending representatives to the event to hear concerns of current customers and to offer insurance packages to potential customers. These include the Educare package, which helps manage a child’s education even after the death of both parents, and the Lifetime Needs product which helps customers prepare for all stages of life, including retirement.

Tickets are going for 20 cedis for a family of five at the Joy FM front desk.