Stacy M.Amewoyi has authored many best sellers in the past but revealed Missing Fathers is the most draining of all based on the amount of time and research carried out before the three-part novel was finally ready for readers around the world.

Revisiting history and picking a very sensitive topic that has mostly been overlooked for many years because it’s either not deemed to be necessary or just neglected, hence her latest novel, to divert the attention of the world to that part of history that has for long affected the new generation.

The first part of the novel takes readers into the various mistakes that were made by past presidents of countries like Ghana, Nigeria and others that trickled or affected decision by leaders (fathers) of many households who have to leave their families behind or abandoned them for favourable working conditions elsewhere.

1983 famine that occurred in Ghana leading many families to flee the country and the deportation of Ghanaians from Nigeria have all been captured by Stacy M. Amewoyi in Missing Fathers, giving the novels the much-needed recipe that every past and modern family can relate to.

Parents who weren’t present in their kids’ life due to financial burden or work, and sometimes had to give them up for adoption, ends up regretting their actions years later while others don’t, because it became difficult to trace the where-about of their kids as time went on, and memories of them fade away.

However, most of the kids who turned out to be prominent people in the near future come back to search for their families in other to bond. She told the story of a girl who was sent out for adoption at birth to Australia, she became a doctor and had to trace her root back to Ghana, then to the place where she was born.

She managed to find her biological mother and some of her siblings but it was difficult finding her father, he and the mother weren’t together anymore and he relocated, after several years of searching for him, she had to give up.

Tracing methods such as the use of DNA to find historical connection and place of birth was revealed by Stacy M. Amewoyi in Missing Fathers by sharing the stories of volunteers who came forward to narrate their ordeal in getting back with their families after many years. She brought in the Year Of Return celebration, how it has impacted many diasporans who have also traced their root back to Ghana and other African countries.

A portion of such narrations gives insight into the business opportunities most of the diasporans exploited in the country. Rebuilding and structuring of the economy and also affording the avenue to feel a sense of belonging.

In Missing Fathers, she carried the story out of Africa into other location around the world including China, America, the list is endless. How statistics in most of these countries shows alarming development and the danger of parents living their key responsibilities in the care of relatives like grandmothers and fathers. How the girl child requires special care at home, and finds it difficult to get it from others other than her biological parents, the same applies to the boychild.

Stacy M. Amewoyi who has authored other bestsellers including The Price Of Love, The Kings Choice, Key Of Love, The Languages and more carefully brings her years of experiences into the writing process of Missing Fathers.

The novels did just hammer on the growing problems of kids subjected to absent parents but also provide a slice of solutions which needed to maintain a peaceful home.

Missing Fathers is available on digital distribution platforms and on the StacyMFoundation website as well.