Stanbic BIZAIDS forum ends

A three-day forum for small scale businesses held in Kumasi by Stanbic as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative has ended.

Called BizAIDS, the forum is a free training package that provided small scale businesses with information and tools needed to thrive.

Participants were taught the techniques and practical solutions for maintaining and sustaining very small businesses while shedding light on the impact of health issues, such as HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria on their businesses.

The forum combined training in business, issues on health, and succession planning and legal skills for the small business owner in order for such persons to incorporate these skills into their business strategy.

With the majority of African businesses employed by the SME sector, the need for such training is highly desirable especially when health issues are hardly considered significant in small business circles. The scheme began in Southern Africa and has been a great success in encouraging the small scale business sector to adopt modern practices in order to succeed.

Mr. Stan Deh, Head SME Banking, Stanbic Bank commended participants of the programme saying: “To leave their jobs to be part of this forum is highly commendable and we hope that what has been shared with our participants will become the basis for change in running businesses at the small scale level.”

The 65 participants were exposed to information that small businesses need to protect their employees from diseases and ailments such as Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS, and focused on the legal implication of these hazards on small businesses. The After which they were exposed to case studies that they can learn from.

Topics covered included basic management skills, how to grow your business, health and safety, protecting the family while planning for income and planning for property.

The business community in Accra will have its turn with forum in due course.