Standard Chartered Bank PLC has marked 125 years of operation in Ghana and commits to using its unique capacity to connect capital, people, ideas and best practices, both locally and globally.

This, the bank said, is backed by its network to address the significant socio-economic challenges and opportunities facing the world today.  

The Bank started its operations in 1896 as the Bank of British West Africa (BBWA) and has pioneered the development of financial markets in Ghana and supported the socio-economic development of Ghana by putting its capital behind the opportunities to develop the country.

The Bank has over the years focused on being client-centric, supporting its clients to grow and protect their wealth and providing digitised banking services through increased investments in technology. A technology-savvy bank that is small enough to be nimble yet big enough to be relevant

To mark the anniversary celebrations Mansa Nettey, Chief Executive of the Bank, voiced her gratitude to clients and stakeholders for their support and loyalty.

“As we mark this milestone, we celebrate our clients and shareholders who have been with us throughout the years for their loyalty and continuous feedback,” she said.

“Over the last 12 decades, we have been pioneers of international trade and investment, connecting companies, institutions and individuals to some of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic regions and facilitating the flow of capital to where it is needed most to drive commerce and prosperity however the bank can do more.”

She added that with this milestone anniversary, the Bank is pivoting to lead with our purpose and taking a stand by setting long-term ambitions to address the significant socio-economic challenges facing humanity and channel our resources to solve them.

Hence the bank has embarked on a new strategic direction that draws on our core capabilities in alignment with our purpose and brand promise, ‘Here for Good’.

There are various activities lined up to mark the anniversary, including a Digital Banking, Innovation & Fintech Festival on 3rd and 4th November and many community engagement initiatives, including planting 1250 trees at the Ramsar Site, supporting 1250 young ladies from low-income communities in the Greater Accra, Western, Northern and Ashanti regions with Employability Skills.

Additionally, employees will volunteer their time and skills to teach young people financial education and offer digital Masterclasses to MSMEs.

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