STAR Ghana Foundation says on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, it welcomes the opportunity to renew its commitment to fighting corruption.

In a statement Wednesday, the Foundation said, “Strengthening transparency and accountability around the use of public resources is essential to achieving equitable, sustainable and responsive development.”

According to the Foundation, “It is the right of every citizen to have ready and convenient access to critical public goods and services. It is also the right of every citizen to be accounted to and have functioning channels for feedback and redress.”

It said the challenges of the past year, especially with Covid-19 Pandemic demonstrated how important it was to ensure that the poor and underserved have access to critical health, water, sanitation, information, security and other resources.

Star Ghana Foundation said the theme ‘To recover with integrity, we must unite against corruption’ is important to them.

“We pledge to continue the productive relationships we have had with our civil society partners and public sector collaborators to work in unity for the world our people want and deserve.”