Political Scientist, Professor Ransford Gyampo

Associate Professor of Political Science of the University of Ghana, Ransford Gyampo has urged leaders of the #FixTheCountry and Economic Fighters League to work together in order to fight for the country.

Speaking on PM Express on Tuesday, Prof Gyampo explained that the groups working together were able to shake the foundation of the country.

“FixTheCountry Movement is the only group in Ghana whose activity shook the foundation of this country,” he reiterated.

He, therefore asked for both groups to resolve the leadership tussle to continue with its work.

“Generally, I believe that it is important for them to stick together to be able to be credible …,” he said.

His comment comes after the Economic Fighters League (EFL) on Monday announced its decision to quit the FixTheCountry Movement.

According to the League, its decision stems from the encroachment by persons with parochial interests on what began as a “brilliant, viral social media hashtag which simply captured exactly the demands of the Ghanaian youth disenchanted with the political governance system.”

The group stated that considering how much they have invested into seeing to the fruition of Ghana’s largest youth-led protest since the 4th Republic, it would be detrimental to their values and the purpose of the FixTheCountry protest to continue to serve as conveners for the movement.

The league also reiterated its plans of making its parliamentary debut in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Meanwhile, FixTheCountry Movement says no exact incident has been cited by the Economic Fighters League (EFL) for its decision to break away from the group which remains a non-partisan platform.

Commenting on this, Prof Ransford Gyampo said a number of groups “have been formed in times past to champion the concerns of the masses but became ineffective because they allowed themselves to be infiltrated by political parties and were doused.”

He added that he admired the way and manner the movements were able to organize and carry themselves.

“Some of their leadership decided to remain politically neutral even though I knew the parties will seek to infiltrate their part.

“Now somebody, a group has decided to go its separate way and suggest to all Ghanaians that it appears their camps have been infiltrated by the other political parties and it is normal.”