Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa) will commemorate its twentieth anniversary as the leading provider of total communications and reputation management services on 13th May, 2014.

The anniversary celebration will be used to encourage existing and potential entrepreneurs to pursue their goals to grow their businesses to support national development.

In this regard, the theme for the yearlong celebration is “Our story, your story… a vision pursued”. It is to tell the Stratcomm Africa story and also encourage other individuals, organisations, communities, etc pursuing various visions not to give up.

The anniversary celebration will also be used to show the organisation’s appreciation to its partners, clients and stakeholders for their support over the years and to seek their continued support into the future.

The event will be attended by captains of business in Ghana, the business community, as well as high level government and communications industry officials who will experience the pursuit of a vision.  

Stratcomm Africa began operations in 1994 when Ms. Esther A. N. Cobbah, the company’s founder and current Chief Executive Officer, decided to showcase the value of communications to business growth national development for facilitating mutual understanding between families and nations.

The Chief Executive Officer of Stratcomm Africa, Ms Esther A. N. Cobbah said Stratcomm Africa is proud of its twenty years’ track record of home-grown delivery of creative communications solutions for clients.

“We are forward-focused on the third decade and with God Almighty as our pillar and strength and plans to deliver increased value to our clients’ businesses to enhance performance as we  blend the science and art of communication to meet their needs”, she said.

Ms Cobbah dedicated the organisation’s two decades of success to clients, staff, supplier, partners and family and friends who have in diverse ways played critical roles in the  growth of the company over the past twenty years.

Stratcomm Africa has since its inception continued to go from strength to strength, expanding and introducing communication services and products in the area of Branding and Advertising, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and Development Communications among others. These innovations have contributed to enhancing performances and achieving profitability for organizations in the market place, as well as contributing to the development of nations.





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