Government is hoping to review the stumpage fees of players within the timber industry before the end of the year.

Ghana is said to be losing millions of dollars in revenue from the forestry sector due to the inability of the Forestry Commission to review the fees every quarter as required by law.

The last time there was review in the stumpage fees was 2003. Chief Executive of the Commission, Afari Dartey explains to Joy Business the players are to blame for the delay in the review.

“The timber industry would normally petition or protest against any such upward adjustment citing high cost of operations in the country which they argue makes them uncompetitive on the global market” he explained.

Timber industry players have opposed the review with several petitions but Mr. Dartey tells Joy Business moves have been advanced towards see it happen before the end of the year.

“We’ve been successful in dealing with fees and charges where some that like Stock survey fees increased from 350 cedis to over 5000 cedis per compartment and some other charges at the port. What’s left to be done is the stumpage fees and hopefully by the end of the year we would have come to a compromise on that” he noted.