The Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Sylvester Mensah, and his predecessor Ras Boateng were engaged in near fisticuffs in the studios of Joy FM, following arguments about the true state of the NHIS.

Ras Boateng, who had managed the Authority in the erstwhile NPP administration just like the NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo posited that the NHIS was in dire straits and could collapse any time soon.

Speaking on Joy FM’s news programmeCrossfire, the former NHIA Chief Executive provided some documents to back the claims he, together with his party, have been making against the Sylvester Mensah-led NHIA.

Ras Boateng quoted a portion of the 2011 financial report of the NHIA which says National Health Insurance Fund risks deepening further if additional source of funding is not raised to back the fund.

The former NHIA boss stated that the authority was living on borrowed time and the system’s collapse is imminent if prudent measures are not put in place to arrest the situation.

But NHIA CEO discredited all the claims made by his predecessor accusing him of being paid to deliberately dishonor the tremendous achievements being made by the NHIA under the NDC regime.

Sylvester Mensah fingered his predecessor in some adverse audit findings conducted on the scheme during Ras Boateng’s tenure. But Ras Boateng was quick to rebut that allegation accusing the NHIA boss of being a “liar”.

The two prior to their meeting on Crossfire have been engaged in a media war and throwing accusations at each other. Wednesday’s meeting between the two provided them a face to face opportunity to thrash out their differences.

The two, occasionally raised their voices at each other during the live show and it seems Wednesday’s meeting did not solve the differences between the two as they both stood by their earlier convictions.