Cecilia Dapaah, Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources

The Sanitation Minister has announced that water tankers will be strategically stationed in communities that don’t have a regular supply of water to guarantee a constant water supply.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Wednesday, Cecilia Dapaah said that this initiative comes as part of the package offered by the President to provide a constant water supply to citizens during the coronavirus outbreak for three months.

“2000 litre tanks are going to be put in strategic places so that as soon as the tankers arrive they can offload the water. So that turnaround is timely and they can return to get water for some other people,” she said.

“For our essential services, our hospitals, clincis, and other health service providers have also been looked at [under the initiative]. At Korle Bu, for instance, we have just changed the pipe from a 2-inch pipe to a 6-inch pipe so that the volume of water flowing at any given point will be more.”

“For Tema General Hospital, we’ve also changed their pipes and we’ve also served them with bottled water so that the hospital staff can have access to drinking water [in the hospital],” she added.

The public is encouraged to dial through to the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) call centre or the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) should they have issues with water supply or the initiative.

The numbers for GWCL are 0555123393, 05551555524, or 0207385087, 0207385088.  

The numbers for CWSA are 0266778566 and 0208384735.

The Minister additionally said that customers of CWSA will also be provided water based on their usual water consumption and people who use tokens at stand pipes will also be included under this initiative.

She appealed to the public to not tamper with the water pipelines to disrupt service to homes and encouraged them to use the water judiciously.